Round D’ Round X 3

Chapter 12

I MUST find a way to measure this trail. For a second time I just cannot believe my watch and that taunting map.

After work last night, I decided to hit the same trail that I know lied to me last week. It really is a charming trail lapping around a pond, bypassing a children’s playground containing all those large bright playsets with running and laughing kids having a blast, and outskirting a national park. Since it was such a nice evening at 68 degrees, sunny, albeit windy, there were a ton of folks with the same idea. I even passed several running groups age 10 and under in training. That was just awesome and I admire those adults encouraging the sport early on. The kids participating appeared to be positively enjoying themselves.

I trucked it around the trail three times stopping only once at a car crossing into the parking lot. I kept my pace steady, feet moving quickly and breathing consistent even with the wind always in my face and the hills causing me to grunt slightly. It really felt good which I was somewhat worried about after Tuesday nights disappointing jaunt.

When I re-re-re-crossed my starting point, 56:09 has passed. My legs felt good, my feet did not tingle and the sweat was rolling. Even with my shins slightly aching this morning, last nights run was absolutely enjoyable and I cannot wait until tomorrow to work that rowing machine again.

Originally posted on The Loop April 15, 2011

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