Breathing – Who Needs It

Chapter 11

Tonight was a tough one, but I stuck through it. I arrived home from work around 7:30 PM, went in, changed and hit the treadmill. I would have loved to run outside, but unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans.

The clouds rolled in a little after lunch, but I thought ‘rain really does not bother me, especially when it is 80 degrees out’. So when I left work at 6:15 PM my head was already running around the park. Then the sparks started flying in the distance and I wasn’t even going to attempt it. Instead of just calling it quits, I began prepping myself for the stationary trip I was about to endure.

I headed out the door into the garage, cracked the big doors and opened the side one to let as much air in as possible. After one mile, I was really struggling to take a breath. I just could not seem to expand my ribcage. The breeze was nice and cool coming in so I cannot blame the heat. The cars, sidewalks and yard did sport a yellow coating but I do not feel like I can point that finger either.

Instead of giving up, I figured I would just bring it down and make it through. I needed to do a 45 minute session tonight, and by george that is what I did. Now if I was a numbers kind of girl (cough cough), the fact that it took me 45 minutes to cover 3.84 miles would be very upsetting even taking the many walk breaks into consideration. But I ignore the numbers, I do, really, what numbers??? Yeah okay…

After I finally hit stop, I strolled back into the house, grabbed my stability ball and free weights then did an upper body work-out. I’m not really trying to build muscle at the moment so I’m thinking two days per week should help with core conditioning and get rid of all that arm flab. Back into rotation I have included ab work. Should have been doing that all along especially when I just plop on the couch at night watching TV when I could plop onto the floor and crunch out watching TV. Lazy is an adjective I deny.

Originally posted on The Loop April 12, 2011

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