Color Vibe 5k 2013 RR

This was my first color run.  We really wanted to do the Color Me Rad in May but my ankle was still not quite ready from the injury in December.  But when the youngest sister found the Color Vibe many of us decided to sign up.

We bought shirts, painted them up and sported them proudly Saturday morning as well all piled into the car.  Regardless of negative feedback, I kept my name ‘sweaty spice’.  And boy did it fit nicely.

Sweaty Spice


We arrived at the venue and walked to the pre-party.  This was interesting.  Color party bonanza.   Soon it was time to line up.  There were no corrals, no clocks, no timing chips.  This was all for fun and to raise some money for CHDK.

The DJ counted down the first wave and off they went.  20 minutes later it is announced they had to bring most of them back because they went the wrong way and start again.  We eventually went in wave 4 almost an hour later, standing in a huddle in the extreme heat directly in the sun.  This was not fun and rather miserable.

Once we were finally off, the path itself was horrible.  So I may be spoiled by not running on trails where large tractors left divots along the way, but this seemed awfully dangerous to me.  It was very narrow, most were walking in lines that stretched the width of the “trail”.  I use that word lightly as it was the driving path for the tractors around the fields.  Granted, this was not a race built for PRs or even PBs but it still sucked to get stuck behind groups of walkers who would not move to either side to let those going slightly faster behind them by.  Even upon asking.

It was so hot several people physically could not handle it and there were many laid out along the sides in the fields or throwing up around their teammates.  The ambulance stayed busy.

Once I finished I headed to the none running part of our gang sitting under a tree and tried to cool off by spending $5.00 on a snow cone.  I desperately wanted to ice.

The after party was fun.  We all gathered by the stage and they had periods of throwing out color bags and group disbursement to music.  Even my daughter wanted in this action.

After run party


I probably will not do one at this particular venue again just because the ankle is feeling it today and it has been so good to me the past month or so.  We do have plans however to do the Rad next May.  And we look forward to it.  Other than the run itself, it was one big party and with great group of women.


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