Taking a spin around – nothing

Chapter 9

In anticipation of my long run tomorrow, my Saturdays are reserved for cross training. Like the norm, I woke up one minute before my alarm was able to scare the bezesies out of me. I arrived at the gym at 7:10 AM fully ready to just push to fatigue.

I started at the weight circuit only working the upper body. I mean common, I’m getting ready to take a spin class and I run all the time, so my legs appreciate the loss of attention during this portion of my work out. Next I actually sat down at the rowing machine. I’ve read a lot lately around different work out plans and they all seem to include this strange contraption. So I thought, today would be the day.

Let me tell you, this joker is no joke! I pulled for ten minutes and fell in love. It hit me from neck to waist while actually giving my legs a good active stretch. I may think differently tomorrow morning if soreness kicks in, but who am I kidding. That will just fuel me to do it again.

After finally creating the first sweat beads of the day, I then proceeded to head to spin class. Unfortunately the instructor today doesn’t quite believe in multiplicity. We whirled an hours worth of songs doing one thing for the duration of each.

First song, road ride known as warm up. Second song, climb hill seated. Third song, same hill but out of seat, fourth song seated for half, up for one minute, seated for rest. We did this three times. No jumps, no hovers, no fun. So like in most things I decided to make it work since I knew what was coming, or not coming, when she walked in. Don’t get me wrong, she is a very nice lady, but genernally not a great spin instructor.

She played pretty good tunes so I started singing to each and cheering other riders on when they began to slow. I would always up my resistence more than the instructor was calling and increased my cadence consistently through out each song. I made sure my legs worked and we all left with a smile.

Once we loaded the closet with our torture devices, I headed upstairs to the mat to work my abs. So it should really be interesting tomorrow to see how the rowing machine and the ab work will challenge my long run. All I can say to that is…. bring it!

Originally posted on The Loop April 9, 2011

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