What a Pain?

Chapter 7

Today was my grandfathers funeral. So to start the day, my stepmother and I decided to get up early and hit the gym. We arrived at 5:30 AM hoping to attend a cycling class. Unfortunately the early classes had been canceled so we jumped into a cardio circuit class; 30 minutes of step followed by weights and abs.

During the last five minutes of step I must have landed on my foot wrong because an instant pain shot through my right calf. Luckily this was the end of our jumping around section and stationary wasn’t so bad. I went home, ate, showered and couldn’t believe it but slept for 2 1/2 hours on the couch.

Once I finally dragged my butt off of the nice, warm, soft couch we met the family at the funeral home. After the grave side service, we all went to a pizza place for a late lunch. I ate and ate and ate, little more than half the Stromboli (oh so bad for me I know). Now for anyone who has not seen a stromboli it is basically a full pizza stuffed and folded in half.  I get mine with onions, pepperoni and mushrooms.  YUMMMMM!

While paying our bills, stepmother and I decided we needed some more cardio to work off all those unwanted but desired calories we just ingested. I was a little hestitant in agreeing to this due to my leg but knew I needed it badly.  So we met at 6 PM, bellies still feeling full and participated in the kickboxing class.

Let’s just say if it wasn’t for being able to do lots of punches, I would not have gotten much from the class. Five minutes in my calf started screaming at me. Walking in place became difficult but my stubborn self kept with the class at a feet close to the floor pace.

Now unfortunately walking is slightly painful and I suppose I’ll force myself to take a couple of days off. Maybe I’ll talk myself into some pool running. I cannot see a small injury stopping my training since I’m working toward a marathon. Like I said, ‘stubborn I am…’

Originally posted on The Loop April 5, 2011

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