Measure and Re-Measure

Chapter 8

Sometimes I really feel parks have not properly measured their trails. I did a training run tonight that really felt good. I mean one of those that you are just grinning stupidly while approaching the finish line because you know you kicked butt.

The first time around I completed it in 19 minutes. Based on how my pace felt I was thinking one trip must have been about two miles. Second go round I kicked it up and finished a little over 17 minutes, coming in at 36:58 for the whole session. Physically I was not fully out of my comfort zone but kept my tootsies roling fast enough that I had to slightly work at it.

I just knew I was going to find a sign that stated my ring around the lake was just under four miles. I walked around a few minutes and finally found one showing the different paths and what each was measured.

My smile immediately turned into an ‘uh wha???’ expression. This map was basically laughing at me for smiling during my search for it. 1.75 miles for one trip. No way I tell you! I absolutely do not believe it took me almost 37 minutes to complete 3.50 miles. There were no walk breaks and I would not let myself fall into my robot speed which is around 9:50.

So I decided on my drive home, I was just gonna ignore that mean ole sign. I definitely do not need to listen to a fibbing piece of paper trying to convince me that ‘it’s the map, it’s the map, it’s the MAP’. Okay Dora puns aside, I’ll take how good the run felt, even with the rain which actually made it funner, and glide with it.

Originally posted on The Loop April 8, 2011

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