Counting Through the Heat

Chapter 6

I am definitely a numbers girl. It is really hard for me not to check my watch, pick a time I want to finish each mile as well as completed time. Today was a scheduled training run so I just had to keep with my numeric compulsion. No reason not to, right? Right!

2:30 PM rolled around and I decided I was going to step away from the computer for an actual lunch break. Well not so much ‘lunch’ as I consumed nothing but water. Food for my feet instead if you will. The clear skies and bright sun had been mocking me all morning. It’s rare when I get to do a lunch run outside during the work week so I took full advantage of today.

It went pretty well considering. I was going to put in five miles, but after the first mile at 9:18 I was as slick as a wet peeled cucumber. With another abrupt temperature change thrown my way like in Florida I decided quiting at two miles this time was not an option. I put in a nice 3 1/2 miles within 35 minutes. This was with four walk breaks lasting at least one minute each. The trail was an 80 degrees very windy run, but I love soaking in the sun shine while not laying prone on a blanket in a plastic chair.

Now I must flip my screen back on to work and finish up before we leave for the memorial service. At least if things get to hard tonight, I can think back to some good numbers I put up today.

Originally posted on The Loop April 4, 2011

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