Finally Taking the Plunge

Chapter 3

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. I just registered for my first marathon. Now there is no backing out. I’ve paid the money, which around here is in short supply, so I’m all in.

I’ve chosen the Disney World Marathon 2012 for my first. Who knows it may be my only, but that decision has yet to be decided.

I hope I can find a way to have at least one other family member tag along. I’d really hate to go alone. This is something I definitely want to brag about, …uhh share with someone. Plus I’ll probably be a mess and will require some assistance. But either alone or with tow, I’m going.

I’m still suffering from a severe URI, bronchitis and sinus infection so I’ll spend the next couple of days getting well and getting my training plan together. The real challenge may actually be the nutition aspect, but this will be one full experience and I’m embracing it completely.

Originally posted on The Loop March 22, 2011

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