30 Degrees from Then

Chapter 4

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to add to my blog. I’ve been in the sunny land of Florida for the DevConnections conference. Funny thing, it was snowing on the day I left and 86 when I landed. It felt like being propelled through a turbulant worm hole for a couple of hours only to be dropped in wonderland.

The resort the conference was held at was lovely. The very first thing I checked on was any jogging paths around the area and low and behold they had one. Kind of a point A to point B out and back trail, but away from home in unfamiliar surroundings I’ll take it. It was a beautiful trail with a red brick footing, lakes, gardens, and reserve wild life, a dream run away from home. Especially from the 30 degrees runs I’ve been so accustomed.

Second day there I planned on waking at 5am.  The trail was lighted nicely so I took off knowing I could be fresh and ready for the continental breakfast at 7am. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned. I awoke to rainy skys, but I was not going to let that stop me. It was 80 degrees, the rain would be refreshing. So I dressed, grabbed my gear and took one last look out of the sliding glass door. This was when I decided the run just was not going to happen. No matter how gorgeous the sky became with natures fireworks all around, the dream to become a crispy critter is not on my bucket list.

Luckily, depending on how you look at it, the following day was much nicer. After lunch, I was pulled away from the conference for work related issues then really did not want to stroll into the next session 30 minutes late. I figured this was my queue to finally grab that run. So that was exactly what I did.

Excitedly I trotted out the front door and went on my way. Half a mile in I was sweating profusely, my breath coming short and my legs feeling heavy. I stuck with it for the two mile span but just could not convince my body to take on a second trip. The humidity was taking its toll. Also the fact that hydration away from home can be a little hard to come by without paying $6 for a bottle of water.

I must say this was a little disappointing. To be sure my performance had not dropped that much in just a couple of days. Guess I lost more in that worm hole to wonderland than I thought. I was able to bring back a smile as the thought of the abrupt temperature difference and lack of fluid was probably the culprit and all would be well once I returned to the homefront, hooked up a temporary IV to my fridge and stepped back out into the chilly winds of the northeast.

I was definitely able to take away a great lesson from this all other than how important being well hydrated is. If planning a remote race, try to find a way to train simulating the same conditions as the location.

Originally posted on The Loop March 31, 2011

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