Training for the First 26.2

Here was the beginning of my first 26.2 journey. I will each day upload an entry from the running forum to my blog. It is full of ups and downs as I tackled the training based on reading magazine articles, books and web advice myself. I made many bad decisions and was injured a lot, but I also had many great accomplishments for which I am very proud. I discuss how life can get in the way of training and vice versa and how preparing for a marathon while being a wife, mother, full-time plus employee with a long commute and just life itself all come into play.  I hope you get as much out of it as I did.  Enjoy.

Chapter 1:

I am actually writing in this blog to basically keep myself in check and encouraged to train for my first full marathon. I have completed two half’s, two 10Ks, one 8K and one 5K thus far in my two years of running.

I swore after my first half, which was a very bad experience, that I would never attempt another, but after a few weeks I changed my mind. My second went much better, thankfully.

I unfortunately have this habit of holding back during races. My mind keeps repeating “if you go any faster, you’ll never make it” instead of “you’ve trained hard for this and can go all out, what are you waiting for?” Even with the little voices screaming, ‘you got this, go go go’, I counter with a ‘I hear you but, no no no!’

So how do I decide to get myself out of this brain rut? Do something I said I would absolutely never do, run a marathon.

I’m actually looking forward to it. Even with the voices now screaming ‘now you’ve lost it’, I’m excited for the training and ultimately crossing the finish line. If I can conquer 26.2, holding back in shorter races should never be an issue again.

Originally posted on The Loop March 20, 2011

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