The 8K Setback

Chapter 2:

Yesterday was the day I have been training hard for since January, the Shamrock 8K. This has been a hard winter. Between constant shin splints so bad that I could not stand to a persistent upper respiratory infection with bronchiitis it has been one thing after another. Plus on top of the physical, I am a mother of two, work around 50/60 hours per week for which I travel an hour plus each way, wife, home owner, and dog owner.

Squeezing in the time to run actually makes all of the listed above much easier to handle with a smile. I love to run. It gives me such a sense of ease when the stress just keeps coming non stop.

Anyway, two days ago the sinus and chest congestion kicked into overdrive. I was wishing with everything I had that it would just wait until Sunday, but no. I wake at 4:30am unable to take a deep breath, coughing constantly and thinking maybe I should carry a big box of tissues during the race. I however was still determined to meet my 45 minute set goal.

The race started and I felt great-ish. Hit the mile two marker and was right on track around 9:40 min/mile. Then we made the turn.

The wind beat us up for the next 2.50 miles. Even though it felt to me like I was pushing the 9:40 still, I must have actually slowed to an 11 plus. I finished with a disappointing 51:23.

However, looking at the results I did finish 1413th in a crowd of 7200 plus. So evidently the wind played on more runners than just this sick one. Even though I did not meet my trained hard for PR, I did manage to run the whole race, in the wind, sick as a dog and finished smiling (kind of). So if I can do that, I can definitely push a little harder when I can breathe.

Originally posted on The Loop March 20, 2011

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