Experience the First Marathon All Over Again

Because this is a big deal in any runner’s life and one I never wish to forget, I will be moving my posts surrounding my first marathon (and only to count) experience to my blog. I used to love to read everyone’s first experience and training along the road to their 26.2 path. This gave me an idea of what to REALLY expect. Even now I love to read experiences and seasoned marathoners advice on how they will tackle the next one.

You can read magazine articles, books, professional advice blogs but it just is not the same as following someone’s actual journey. Their ups and downs, highs and lows, and difficult struggles with real life and demanding training schedules provides a much clearer picture of what it actually takes to train for that first marathon. Heck any marathon for that matter whether your first or 10th.

I had many dips in my journey which ended with a smile during Disney’s Marathon Weekend. I hope by sharing my experience it will help others know what your mind and body will go through, bad or good decisions I made and how no matter how bad it may seem at that moment it is definitely worth it in the end.


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