Dag Nabbit! Ride blocked again

The viscous cycle which is part of being an outdoor athlete is uncontrollable.  At best, we learn to adapt, to grow, oh we just get over it and step out the door.

In the colder months, we shiver and layer like bandits.
In warmer months, we forgo the layers for light and airy.
The in-between months we squeeze in as much outdoor time as humanly possible.

But during those extreme months there are some situations that forces the door to stay tightly shut.

Here lately the heat and rain, or should I say the humidity, has cracked the veil between the worlds and the sports hating aliens are trying to suffocate us.  Putting on my warrior paint I have faced the conditions head on they are pushing upon us a few times only to delay recovery and flush my system completely.  Rule is, as long as you are still sweating you’re only in the yellow zone right? (refer to Me VS the Cloud)

Speaking of the rain.  Normally I love running in the rain during the warmer months.  There is just something so surreal about splashing in puddles and listening to the drops hitting the ground all around you that propels you forward with a smile.  However when natures music is accompanied by a rock band with their own light show things change.

So yet again this Saturday morning when I’d normally be hitting the bike trail to log some miles, the band decided to continue their encore performance.  I believe they are competing in America’s Got Talent off stage with the sports hating aliens for top spot to ‘insert rude word here’ block us all.  (this blog is PG after all)

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