Me VS the Cloud

So if you know me this conversation based on the title could go one of two ways, nature related or nerd related.  Well my fellow running folk, it’s about nature.  Me and a show down with nature as a matter of fact.

It started off innocent enough.  I only live couple of minutes by car to the trail, so occasionally I get the chance to head out at lunch and burn some pavement.  Today was just such a day and most needed as (nerd alert) my head has been buried in PHP all day.

The whole two minute trip over the sun was shining, the humidity is at 100% and the thermometer reads 91*. No clouds in site.  I get out of the car and out of nowhere it starts raining.  This does not deter me.  I love running in the rain.  1/4 mile in I see off in the distance the look of a heavy rain wall heading my way.  Ok, I might get a little wet, no bother still.  I’m already dripping.  

At the turn around point I hear something.  Was that thunder?  And you know the saying, where there is thunder there is lightening.  I stop and look behind me and GOOD GRIEF!  The sky is black.  I’m almost two miles from my car and dying from the heat.  This walk break was over.  

No matter how I tried I could not get under 10MM anymore.  My lungs were screaming and my head had begun to pound.  This was just as bad if not worse than the VB Rock n Roll last year, no kidding.  The heat and humidity were trapped between the ground and the clouds with me stuck in the middle.  I would stop to catch my breath then see the sky light up behind me.  Off again I’d go.  Seemed I had two choices, chance death by heat nature or by storm nature.  Mother nature was coming for me regardless and seemed she would win.

All I felt I could do was stay in front of the out stretched arms reaching for me.  As the thunder rolled around me and my feet struggled to move, my heart rate monitor was reading 185 and my pace 10:30.  Ek, only in these conditions.  But why whine, I was still moving right regardless of how difficult.

I finally made it to my car as the lightening seemed to hit the ground behind the trees.  Oh did I mention the whole trail is covered by trees?  Yeah…

I pull into my driveway, walked into the house and the sky opens up.  So I’m going to say this was a win for me regardless of how Xena (my garmin) rated my run.  Til next time Mother Nature, next time.

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