Phantom Sea Legs

It’s absolutely crazy how I am now 48 hours on shore and still feel the swaying of the ship.  It is quite disconcerting actually.  I also cannot seem to focus on anything but anyone who has sailed the seas fully understands just where I am coming from.  So why was I rocking the boat?  Why else than a cruise.  Not just any cruise but my very first.  Not just my very first cruise, but a Disney Cruise.

What made this cruise even more special than being the very first steps taken out in the open ocean was that 24 of us all decided to take the plunge at the same time.  We had grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends voluntarily contracted to embark on a tremendous three day journey.  And what a journey it was.  Let me break it down for you.

Day 1:  A few of us flew down early to stay around the Downtown Disney area to chill and relax.  We had a great dinner at T-Rex.  This place was so cool albeit a little noisy.  The food was fantastic!  The ribs I ordered just fell off the bones and melted in my mouth. (Hungry yet?)  Then we were able to take a boat back to the resort to grab some shut eye.

Day 2:  Embarkation Day!  We arrived at Port Canaveral around 11:00 AM hoping to beat the buses and the bulk of other vacationers via limo.  It was definitely a surprise to see the man holding our name card in front of a stretch limo since we were scheduled for a van.  Another positive to our group vacation.  Check in went very smoothly.  You gotta hand it to Disney, they have their act together.  Another positive added.  The whole process was very organized as we boarded the ship and headed to lunch.

The buffet was delicious.  There was something there for all taste buds.  And there was a reoccurring theme starting from day 1 of the cruise which continued throughout…. it was very clean!  Everything.

After lunch, we all headed to our staterooms and changed with a single goal in mind.  The aquaduck!


A few hours later we cleaned and dressed for the first show, The Golden Mickeys.  Great show even though this is where my first naivety of water travel began.  I have been known to get car sick while driving.  Yes, not kidding.  So my decision to go without a patch relying only on ginger root was not a smart one.  As soon as the ship began to leave the port, it hit me.  I struggled to stay vertical.

After the show we headed to dinner at the Animators Palate which was located at the very back of the ship.  I stuck with one bowl of soup and tons of breads.  I literally felt like the floor was constantly rushing up to meet me face first.  Still I fought it as I enjoyed Crush and other Nemo characters interacting with us.  That was beyond cool.  Finally after two hours I gave in and slapped on a patch then fell into bed which was ready and waiting for us due to the awesome young man assigned to our room.  Note to all, wear the patch!  I missed the first nights activities due to the mental whirl pool I had taken up residence within.  Awful feeling.

Day 3:  Waking on the second day of the cruise was much better.  I could still feel the rocking but it did not seem to incapacitate me like the night prior.  So we headed to the breakfast buffet and ate more than I probably should.  But it was so good and I was so hungry.  Once fully fed we headed out to explore the shopping street in Nassau.  This was an experience all in of itself.

Back on board we headed to lunch, a couple more hours around the pool, then cleaned up and dressed in our pirate gear.  A few of us signed up for the wine tasting and this was well worth the ticket price.  We learned a lot and tasted some great wines.  We then headed to the Villain’s Tonight show.  This was awesome!  It’s really hard to believe the quality of shows Disney can perform on a ship, but it was spectacular.  Dinner after in the Enchanted Garden was delish.  I loved the fact that the same wait staff followed us from restaurant to restaurant.  This really gave us a feeling that we were well taken care of and familiar with the service provided to us made it that much more relaxing.

After being stuff to a tilt, it was pirate party time.  Great show.  Disney makes everything so much fun.  They had the big screen going (below), characters on stage, pirates in stations around the dance floor and fireworks to end finish it off.


After the pirate party, some of the adults headed to club Evolution for karaoke then dancing.  This was the most fun I have had in years.  We left around midnight dripping with sweat from head to toe smiling like children.

Day 4:  Race day.  This was the one event I most looked forward to.  How many people can say they attended a 5K on the Disney Island.  It was delayed slightly due to the wind but Captain Gus got us into port even in those conditions and the race was on.  No timing chips, no corrals, no race anxiety, no expectations, just pure thrill of the run.  They handed out medals at the end to everyone.  As more of our group finished, we stood around and cheered on everyone who crossed to the very last person.  The course was gorgeous but confusing as it wasn’t really marked but we didn’t care.  It wasn’t about PRs, it was about fun.

After we all finished, we headed to the beach area and the waiting BBQ lunch prepared for us.  Then back to the ship to get ready for our last show and dinner.  Tonight was Believe.  Again the show was awesome followed by dinner at Royal Palace.  Once again a yummy dinner with great service.  Once stuffed, we headed to 80’s Name that Tune game in Evolution.  This was very fun.  We missed the first four due to tardiness but still scored high.  Unfortunately we left earlier than we wanted and headed back to pack up and prepare to say good-bye to Mickey and the gang.

Day 5:  Breakfast was held at the Royal Palace.  The wait staff attended to us which was great because we were able to give a proper good-bye to those who had taken such good care of us.  Not once did we run into any rude cast member.  The other vacationers on the other hand could have used a little of that Disney magic pixy dust to just be happy, but the cast made up for everything.  We never wanted for anything.  This was the cleanest vacation I have ever taken.  And when I say clean, I mean spotless.  These are some of the hardest working, most polite and happy people I have ever met.  Everyone of them regardless of their job, appeared to love what they were doing.  Even the bathroom attendants.  This cruise has raised the standards for all others that follow if I ever do a non Disney vacation.

Leaving the ship was just as organized even though it took us a little while to actually get off the ship.  We jumped on the waiting van, arrived back at the same resort we stayed at the day prior to the cruise and headed back to Downtown Disney.  Our last dinner was at Portabello’s and was delicious.  We were sad to leave the following morning but did not feel any disappointment in our vacation at all.

I love doing Disney vacations.  They are definitely worth it.  Everything is planned from arriving at the airport to leaving the airport and you always feel like they love that you are there.  Nothing is a burden and all questions are approached with a smile.  Everyone was so accommodating.  I’m now just waiting for my land legs to kick back in and the swaying to stop.

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