Circle Circle Dot Dot Dot

We runners are a simple folk.  It does not take much to make us smile.  Waking early to hit the pavement and watch the sun come up, punching the clock to lace up and watch the sun go down, and just the thought of the next chance to squeeze it all in again regardless of what the world throws our way.  How do we cope?  Smile and toe off.

Even in the face of injury we step up and work hard to keep our lives in balance.  Yeah so we’ll take it too far sometimes and have to chose the later corral but this does not waver our faith.  Just the gun that releases us into the wild with our bib pinned to our hearts and the medal clanging in our ears.

I live for the sounds of cow bells in the distance and feet stampeding from behind and ahead.  The excitement of the herd while we shiver in the dawn waiting for the countdown to begin.  The costumes and the gear that draws the eye as the beep from watches ready for take off surround us.

I dream of the next chance at a PR that I know is in my future but seems so far away as I sit doing my ankle circles while the physical therapist assess my ongoing injury.  What good have I taken from this visit to the side lines?  Simple, easy things to do in order to prevent a repeat performance while watching reruns over and over again of my favorite shows and movies.  Any good can come from a bad experience if viewed in the right light.  And my light is now shining just a little bit brighter.

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