10 Steps Toward Me

Being injured is hard.  Being badly injured is just a crazy hail storm in the middle of a 70 degree sunny day.  Each day hits hard while you watch the joy in those around you striding into the sun as you slump into the shadows.  I’ve been injured many times.  This is the fourth time in three years with this particular ankle so I shouldn’t be surprised that it finally just decided to play hard ball with me.  So much so I called in the calvary.

Physical therapy is okay.  I feel each time I go that I’m not doing anything there that I could not do at home for free, other than those deep tissue massages.  Good grief.  The knot they found in my calf that is still present after five weeks of intense ‘combos’ and leg work is bananas.  Such a stubborn little big knot.

Gratefully I am now able to walk normally.  I still cannot go up on my toes, however.  This is what we are working on.  I have avoided any running at all for fear that I would re-injure it again like I did five weeks ago after five weeks of healing.  Six miles may have been a touch longer than I should have jumped back into.  But to the woman who does 10 miles on Sundays, six seemed like a short run.  I was sadly mistaken.

However today, after hearing them ask me for two weeks if I had done any running yet, I attempted a slight trial and error down the catwalk.  A two mile walk adding ten sessions throughout where I would run for ten steps.  I only stopped at ten sessions because the pain was just too much.  It’s was depressing even though I know I will get there again.  The patience just runneth thin.

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