An Ineffective Worker

I was sitting here working yesterday switching over to Outlook yet again to check the batch of emails that I received after the last five minute batch and noticed an interesting title. had an online article that listed “The Hidden Habits of Ineffective people“.  I thought to myself “self, this might be interesting.  You know you are one bad arse, multitasking, hard working woman.”  Shall I say after reading this article I now carry a new label; ineffective worker.

This was hard to absorb.  I mean I turn over more work per calendar year than most, I have become known over the last decade as the ‘go to girl’ because things get done and efficiently, and I have become an expert at juggling all the balls thrown my way.  So how could this be true?

I have my daily schedule of tasks I need to work on and the order of importance they should be tackled.  I am able to assist others as they approach me with issues or questions and still stay on track, for the most part.  Hmmm.  Okay that does throw me off my time schedule somewhat which may push this list into tomorrow.  Especially if what they are asking for is a quick training session or an odd issue they have forgotten how to Google to find an answer.

And I guess if this happens daily (and who am I kidding, it does) that pushes things even further into the week and possibly into the following week.  I began to see the spiral.  I do sometimes feel like I have fallen into a rabbit hole and the light appears to dim even more with every IM, phone call or 911 email I receive and quickly respond.

But there was one bullet that really caught my attention.  No matter how well I am at multitasking, this may not be a good trait.  I do not agree with that, but what followed stopped my eyes from continuing on and ponder what was just said.  An ineffective person has their day dictated to them.  Okay, this is not verbatim to the article but how I perceived it.  No matter what tasks I lay out for myself, if I follow what others need done for their daily tasks instead of my own, they are pulling me through their goal of completed projects and mine are left behind to gather dust and cobwebs.

As I thought on this more it became alarmingly aware to me that regardless of the praise I receive from others about how well I have helped them (or the absence of a second thought) it really does not reflect on me and mine.  My projects may not hit deadlines and my only excuse is “I’ve been helping them over there with that project they have”.  Wait, what?

I must add here that I love being that person.  The one everyone knows they can ask a question I’ll have the answer and if not can get it quickly.  It is just the truck that is speeding toward me with the flashing holiday lights on the side reading “This is your career” is beginning to scare me.  I cannot let it just blow by me like a blur.  It’s time for me to stomp on the passenger side driver instructors brake, jump back into the main seat and take my job by the wheel.

If I don’t do it, no one will do it for me and I’ll remain the others project accessory and evidently that road kill my truck left behind.

1 thought on “An Ineffective Worker

  1. The light has come on. You are the leader of your own life and must think of you first then help others. I love that you have read this and think this because you are destined for great things.

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