Typical morn full of contemplation

I even shake my head as I read this subject line.  Contemplation, do we really use this word on a regular basis or just when we are trying to sound literary.  But I digress (I do actually use this word a lot).

As I sit here drinking my first cup of coffee, I think about everything that I have to do today.  It’s 7:15 AM and my youngest daughter has just hopped on the bus for another day of third grade, the husband was up all night with a serious case of heart burn from some entirely too hot wings we had for dinner, and I’m already feeling exhausted from things I have yet to do.

I just sit here staring off into space imagining words flying around my head that I will too soon experience as my normal Tuesday.  Do to an unfortunate running over use injury (under trained for the race course conditions if I’m honest) I’m side lined for week number seven.  This means no outlet, no stress relief, no mental break from the non stop whirlwind.  But I should focus on today.

I’ve successfully logged into work, combed my way through hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of emails I have received just since midnight (I’m the Exchange admin) and now try to organize my thoughts from the other tasks that are laid out before me.  Let’s see how they will go:

  • work to complete a help desk policy
  • continue training another admin on their new Sharepoint site (I’m the Sharepoint admin)
  • gather specifics for new forest design and create a project timeline (I’m the enterprise forest admin)
  • continue troubleshooting DirSync issue for migration to Office 365 for Education from Live@EDU
  • chip in on other ongoing and upcoming projects
  • try to concentrate on my biggest of the four currently active projects implementing federation and single sign-on for our organization (this should be #1)
  • respond to the many IMs from other employees with issues, concerns, basic questions
  • help resolve issues that always seem to come up
  • work on domain infrastructure design for new location for meeting tomorrow

To name just what is doing the frantic flying at the moment. This by no means completes my to do list.  But I do seriously love my job and strangely enough wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then around 3PM-ish I’ll leave for an hour plus commute to class (I’m a grad student) and present what I have developed so far on my Windows Phone 8 application which is due in four weeks.  Luckily I only have nine weeks left and I’LL BE DONE!!!  Sorry for the all caps but this has been a very long journey with work, school, family, health commitments, blah blah to get to this point.  And to not be able to run or even stand up on my toes due to this nagging stubborn injury is pulling at my patience strings.  I love to run.

In the rain, in the snow, in the heat, not so much in the teens and below temps however.  I do have my limits.  Oh I need to finish up this long and boring post and get going on that list.  I know you’ve thought it.  That little ‘sprite’ I designed two days ago for my game is sitting on my shoulder yelling at me “Be Productive Woman!”

Happy Tuesday!  I need another cup of coffee..

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