It’s All About It All

The world is complex.  There are many ins and outs and way more topics than any one person could discuss.  I am also very complex (perhaps a touch attention challenged) and this blog will jump through many different topics.

I am a mother of two, a wife, a home owner DIY-er, a runner, a cyclist, a fitness fanatic on occasion, a tries hard to eat clean, an IT professional who has so many hats acquired throughout my 12 years in the biz, a graduate student, a wanna be triathlete…  The list goes on for so long it gets boring and a little scarey how many personalities can pop up at any time.

There is absolutely no possibility of me picking one interest and being happy talking only about that on a daily basis.  I have read many others blogs that are centered around running, swimming, Sharepoint, Exchange, organic gardening, etc that I love to follow.  It’s just that I have a foot stuck in them all and want the freedom to be able to express what I happened to be thinking at that point in time about which ever topic comes to the surface.  You may not read them all.  Perhaps only a few are similar interests.  However, I feel there are many of us that are multifaceted and have many passions that bring a smile to our day, or hour to hour.

I hope to entertain, to inspire, to learn and repeat, and hopefully bring as many folks along for the roller coaster of a ride that presents itself as life. ‘ALL ABOARD!’

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